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Eric LaFleur

Eric LaFleur holds an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University at College Station (1996), and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law (1999). After law school, Eric began his legal career as a prosecutor. He worked as a felony prosecutor in the Collin County District Attorney's Office where he tried approximately 75 jury trials and 60 bench trials. After leaving the District Attorney's Office in 2004, Eric began his career as a family law attorney. Over the years, he has tried cases across the State of Texas and in all areas of family law, including child custody, visitation and property issues.

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What CLIENTS have said about Eric

Client reviews have been reproduced verbatim as submitted by the client.

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Wonderful! Magnificent! Excellent! We could use all of these to describe the services provided us by Mr. Eric LaFleur.

In June and July of 2013, Eric handled a child custody case where my mother and I sought to gain managing conservatorship of my niece's son. My niece was not agreeable with this arrangement and was creating a dangerous and hostile environment at our home. Mr. LaFleur quickly identified the potential pitfalls and difficulties which other attorneys passed over, ignored, or simply failed to recognize. He established the means for us to prove standing so that we could even file the case, and worked with us closely at every stage, keeping us completely informed and updated on the progress. Every aspect of the paperwork was verified and explained to us, with all of our concerns addressed appropriately. He and his staff notified us before every major event so that we were never caught off-guard, especially when my niece was served with the paperwork. Likewise, they gave us complete contact information and schedules so that we knew how to reach them at any point, what the best method of contact was for a given day and time, and when they would be unavailable.

Even after our case was resolved, Eric has stayed in contact with us, checking on our circumstances and offering us advice and guidance. In short, we feel as if we were never left uncertain or unclear and that we received legal representation of the highest order. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. LaFleur to anyone needing legal representation and will certainly contact him if we ever need his services again.

As a side note, we have previously worked with five attorneys on a variety of different child custody and divorce cases. Hands down, Mr. LaFleur was the best of the lot and exhibited none of the arrogance or distracted mindset which characterized some of the others. He was extremely collected personally, was well prepared legally, and he definitely provided us with much needed calm during the difficult times.
David, a child custody client
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I hired Eric over 3 years ago at the start of my divorce. Eric has been by my side the whole time fighting for my rights as a father. . His skilled legal expertise in front of judges and a jury have produced results I never thought possible. He's taken me from facing false accusations of abuse and the possibility of no custody nor visitation to me with primary custody and my ex with expanded standard possession. His expert legal advice and professional court room demeanor have beaten some of the “top name” legal teams in Collin and Dallas County. I would highly recommend Eric to any father that wants the best results for their kid's interest.
A child custody client
open quote
I divorced with split custody almost 2 years prior when my ex suddenly decided she wanted to go for full custody. My son is my life and needs his father. I had to do everything possible to spend as much time as I could with him. I heard about Eric through a family friend and after talking to him and telling him my situation, I knew he was the one. He was very understanding and passionate about my case. I just knew by his demeanor and his confidence, that it would all work out. He was very professional and always kept me informed by respnding to my emails. The court room was amazing how organized he was and straight to the point, never missing a beat. I got everything I wanted and even more time with my son than before. I couldn't have had a better experience. Dad's if you need an attorney that is passionate about his job, assertive, respectful, sympathetic, and confident, he is the one. Thanks Eric.
Marc, a child custody client
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Eric Lafleur fought for my rights to have visitation with my children. He made a promise and stuck to it. He kept me informed on all the details of my case and when it came time for trial he KICKED BUTT!. He got me everything I asked for and more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and hire this man if you need a lawyer. He is truely one of the best.
Willie, a child custody client
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For some reasons that I cannot explain, I feel like I was so lucky to have fell into the hands of Eric Lafleur, I had a lawyer previously before him in which something had happened, Eric was there to pick up from where we left off. He was the attorney we were referred to originally; I'm telling you, this man is who you want to be on your side, if it is the other way around, I feel greatly sorry for you, Eric has a strategic way of how he takes care of things(issues), it is almost like he doesn't miss a beat. He has the utmost professional views in how to present himself and his client in the courtroom, always stays on topic, very assertive(to where he doesn't have to fish around or beat around the bush to find something), and lets you know that he is there on your side, even when you feel like you are alone in the stand.

There is not enough that I can say about Mr. Lafleur, I am with the right attorney that looks out in the best interest of his clients. In choosing him to help you in what ever matter you have, would be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Basically, bring your popcorn, it's gonna be a good show, he is a bada**.
Julian, a child custody client
open quote
I am writing this review to not only say thank you to Eric but also let other Fathers out there know that we do have a chance. I definitely recommend Eric Lafleur as your family Attorney.
John, a child custody client
open quote

I was actually recommended to Eric LaFleur from a friend that had a divorce/custody battle as well as.

This custody battle was my life. I was an emotional mother/client every time I walked in his office and every time I would walk out I was assured and confident all over again. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He's very knowledgeable about the law, kind, and understanding. It's hard to find all 3 of those words in an attorney now and days. There are not enough thank yous I can say to him.

For anyone choosing a lawyer just remember they are a HUGE impact for your future. They are the voice for what you want, need, and deserve. At the end of the day they are the ones that must believe in what you want and I truly believe Eric did that for me.

Thank you again Eric
Ruby, a child custody client
open quote

My name is Pamela, and I am a client of Mr. LaFleur's. When the time for picking a divorce attorney came two years ago, I was extremely nervous. I interviewed MANY qualified attorneys, but I knew that Mr. LaFleur would be the best person to handle my case from the day that I met him. My divorce and child custody case had a lot of specifics to it, including immigration circumstances, paternal criminal records (that I didn't even know existed), and other out-of-the-ordinary legal scenarios that Eric brought to light and handled with professionalism, solid knowledge and great judgment. What I found most impressive about Eric was how he managed to always communicate legal matters to me in an assertive and reassuring way. Going through a divorce, especially one that involves child custody, can be very stressful. Eric always made sure to return my calls promptly and answer every one of my emails, providing answers and bringing peace of mind. Throughout the case development, I felt like he was truly involved with all of the things that were important to me as a parent - I never got the feeling that I have had with other attorneys (in other matters), where you feel that you are "just another case, just another client". On the contrary - Eric handled my case paying attention to the small details that really ended up having an impact on the final outcome, and resulted on my being able to get full conservatorship (child custody) in a state that favors joint conservatorship.

I always saw Eric handle every aspect of my case with assertiveness, but also displaying a great amount of kindness and respect towards all the parties involved. The human quality that I have seen in him as an attorney has really made me re-confirm over and over again that he was the best possible choice to trust my case to --- at the end of the day, when you hire an attorney to help you legally solve the most vital relationships of your life, you are putting in his or her hands the utmost trust. Eric exceeded my expectations, and I feel very grateful and fortunate to still have him as my legal counsel.

I would recommend Eric LaFleur as an attorney based on his knowledge, commitment and performance; and I would recommend him as a person to handle your case, based on the great human qualities he has displayed, and how much he exceeded my expectations on the personal trait he has had towards me as a client.

I am very happy and grateful to have found Mr. LaFleur and his team of legal counsel.
Pamela, a divorce client
What JUDGES have said about Eric
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I have to say, I felt like the first hearing was one of the outstanding lawyering jobs I've seen.
Hon. Robert Dry, then-Judge of the 199th District Court of Collin County
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